We are the n00b army. We are gamers who enjoy playing games without being judged no matter what the skill level. We help those who want to be better. We play with whoever wants to play no matter what level, creed, gender, race, religious beliefs, sexuality or anything else at heart we are all gamers.

Some places you are blasted for being a n00b, here it is celebrated after all we are all n00bs at some time. We believe in helping people play better and be free to play how they want to play

We started as friends now we are an army. Together we can grow stronger and have some fun at the same time
We are racers that can’t drive, Fighters who can’t combo, Footballers who can’t do all the fancy tricks, Solders who can’t shoot and pilots who can’t fly and we don’t care but above all

We are n00bs

If you feel the same way and are looking for a place just to play games with other like-minded players, then join us


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